[zhash pro] New ZenCash pool


And now we are the one of the biggest zen mining pool!
We are working on improvments and soon will release a new frontend and servers!


So we are happy to announce that we’re moving to a new server! It’s already running, frontend customization in progress.

The new server is on dual xeon 2670 128 GB RAM and ssd raid 1 disks.
Running on vmware esxi, and connected to the 1 gbps channel.

The zhash.pro domain transfering on a new server will strart tommorow!

Who want’s to starts new server using and test right now please PM me for new ip request!

Russian miners are already put 250+ ksol on it, and found the first block.


Awesome work with the pool, what would be the new server address? (I don’t know how to PM you)


We are happy to announce that wa are finally moved to new server now availiable as usually at https://zhash.pro

Powerful and stable server with 1 gbps channel!

The ports are updated.
The frontend will finished this week, and new options will availlible!

400+ ksol are already on server

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ZHash.pro/
Slack https://join.slack.com/t/zhash/shar...EwZWY0NjhhYjliYmRkNzcxMDRjMGQwNGMzMjEwNjQzMWM
Twitter https://twitter.com/zhashpro

EWBF 0.3.4b
miner.exe --server zhash.pro --port 3057 --user . --pass x --pec
Claymore ZCash miner (12.5 or higher)
ZecMiner64 -zpool zhash.pro:3057 -zwal . -zpsw x -allpools 1


Hello everyone! Let’s mine and support Zen! The hashrate is growing on our pool!


I’ve started ~50ksol on your pool, we’ll see…


Thank you! We will boost the pool today with hashpower!


The poll hoppers now bannned and wil be banned in the future, all rewars form pools hoppers are to miners!


is there a ios or androids App for monitor the miners?


I’ve two rigs, both mining out of port 3057. The rigs are 2900 and 2500, should I be using a different port?

What would be the benefits / disadvantages of using the other ports


in this moment still not availible, ill come in a near future, but for now you can use ethmonitoring service, it works with our pool


NEW (former ZEC miner) and now up and running on zhash pro… :smile:
Is there a way to change payout to 1.0 for e.g.?? Can’t find it out. TNX


Hello Zen miners! We are happy to announce that we have Asian startum now!