ZENChat - Messaging Application on top of ZEN


I ran “Get Secret Code” but Clipboard is empty.


Hey there,

Could you contact me in slack? @utopia


“secretCode”: “I love Zen Cash”,
“chatName”: “Utopia to Blockops”,
“address”: “zcSHAVppuZPwunLQmVjk7URJtRuJu9scsTiwNUPtXT3ZmzoQk5BZuX4z3dTrsno5pKGup41L9ewZoVYTs6wjxuF9duUatcN”,
“nicknames”: {
“znb3LqhaQ1hc1wKgFrbuhPR6niRdfmTUfaH”: “Utopia”

I tried to do a chat test to Blockops, But only the spinning circle is shown.
Is it my fault?


@utopia are you using the latest release? It’s been fixed in v0.0.2a


of course, I am using v0.0.2a.


@utopia that is very strange, try sending a message anyway and see what it does


I found the cause.
I put the Z-address wrong.


Thanks for that info. I’ll be adding that so it catches the exception


@kendrick just catching up on projects. Are you ready for a milestone payment on the zenchat application?


@kendrick here is the payment transaction for the 3 projects you are working on:

It is for completed two milestones, so 700/6 = 117 for the first of 6 milestones for mobile wallet and 650/3=217 for zenchat milestone 1 for a total of 334 ZEN


Nice work on this @kendrick, you’ve made so much progress already! :smile: #cantstopwontstop


hi @devs could we have a zenchat app which uses the myzenwallet.io
meaning i dont need to have on local computer the full synced bc db?
NOTE: of course it needs to link to wallet addr for paying the chat fee,
which could be set in seetings somehow

and is there a plan to have zenchat ontop of mobile wallet too,
of course as soon the private transactions are active on andro app?!

thx and if i over read some thoughts, sorry :-p