Zencash Wallet not Confirming Zen


I transferred some Zencah from my Zencash Wallet to Bittrex. The transaction shows complete on Bittrex, but is unconfirmed in my Zencash Wallet. This is also causing my balance to be unconfirmed. I moved the Zencash on June 5th - 7 days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @bhartsaw,

can I ask you if you are talking about Arizen Wallet?

Thank you in advance.

Community Project Manager of ZenCash


If you are using the ZENCash Desktop GUI Wallet

the first thing to check is if the blockchain is 100% synchronized. The wallet may be showing the transaction as unconfirmed if the block-chain is not synchronizing/synchronized…


Hi there,

I noticed something similar recently myself, but that was possibly caused by the changes implemented to head off a 51% attack. The block explorer showed the transaction had been completed, the blockchain on the machine was 100% synchronized, but the transaction simply remained confirmed.

During troubleshooting, I upgraded to v0.80.5 of the Swing wallet and about an hour or so thereafter I noticed the coins had come in. While it’s not clear that upgrading to the new version of the wallet was the fix, perhaps you can consider doing that if things haven’t been resolved as yet.