ZenCash Social Media Posts & Public Relations Package


My next proposal is to freshen up the look of ZenCash, develop social media content, and create a media kit that helps integrate the new ZenCash brand cohesively across the website, social media, and in the news. The proposal wouldn’t be active until after the launch of the new ZenCash logo. The proposal includes:

  • 10 Social Media Posts
  • New Social Media Banners (3)
  • PPT Deck Template for the Live Stream
  • Media Kit
  • Slideshare
  • Swag?

Here is a link to my proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LDqiaSjD6MQuWxOlY58rRFn8GnbUItxA-NDL_Lp-VKo/edit?usp=sharing

Let me know what you think!


Thanks for the proposal @cryptochick. We are going to evaluate, and will get back to you shortly.


Thanks @rocket! Looking forward to hearing from you.


@rocket here’s an example of a fact sheet (part of a press kit) if you’re interested in viewing one in action!


Would like to see this happen! Definitely agree, we should have the same level of Marketing as Dash & Pivx


@cryptochick these types of things are being done by our team at CMH. I know they are growing rapidly, perhaps I could make an introduction to the principals and maybe you all could discuss with each other some kind of arrangement?


Heyy, I was trying to go to the link for cryptomediahub.com but it says the website is not properly secured and my browser wouldn’t let me connect…



Double check the URL and if sure that it is correct, just click advanced > proceed anyway.

Cryptomediahub.com won’t be asking you to input any of your personal details so it doesn’t really matter if its properly secured or not.


Gotcha, thank you kindly!


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