ZenCash Listed on Singapore Exchange coss.io


ZenCash was just listed on Singapore exchange coss.io!

This is awesome for a bunch of reasons, but some big ones:

  • We now have a fiat gateway for USD, EUR, SGD, and others.
  • coss.io runs a merchant PoS system, so merchants can accept ZEN soon
  • The system enables merchants to seamlessly convert crypto to fiat
  • This is our first exchange listing in Asia, Singapore in particular
  • We now have a ZEN/ETH market

More details in the blog announcement.


BOOM! to the top! Great work guys.


That’s really awesome for trading zen on merchants! We’ll have to see how zen finds it’s place to replace zec!


i’m particularly excited about merchant adoption; i want ZenCash to be supremely usable, so we need to get it out in the real world doing real things…


I agree, imagine if you can purchase groceries using ZEN or even offering some services
e.g 1 ZEN of a crate of beer. :smiley:


That day is not too far into the future :slight_smile: