Zen Wallet in windows 10 have problem


when i start wallet it have pop-up in my wallet every time about 60 min. Please Help me for fix problem.

Photo Problem.


The error message indicates that the messaging identity address is not found in the wallet.dat. This address is stored in the …\messaging directory together with the local messaging history. There could be different reasons for this - maybe you replaced the wallet.dat by hand or maybe it became corrupt (rare but it happens).

If the current wallet.dat is empty (appears to be - no transactions) one thing that may be tried is to replace it with a backup (when the GUI and zend are not running), while keeping the original just in case. The most important part of maintenance is to keep a good backup copy of the original wallet.dat file. - it must never be lost! It may be copied manually when the GUI wallet/zend are not running. The wallet.dat needs to be backed up regularly (not just once - say after every few outgoing transactions) and it MUST also be backed up after creating a new Z address.

A document describing backup and upgrade is: