ZEN mining pools


ZenCash Pool 0% Fee


Test your rig and join the first pool created with the rig owner in mind.

Bring your hash power here and keep all the rewards, you deserve it after all :wink:

Check the site for more details and ask questions, we are here to help!

Live chat available :speech_balloon: 10:00 - 24:00 EET.




ZenCash Mining Pool https://ZenPool.org

If you are looking for a fast low latency ZEN ZenCash mining pool, then you should give https://ZenPool.org a try.

ZenCash only mining on our servers (keeping our servers fast)
US based servers (low ping for US miners)
Pool Fee: 1.0%
Minimum Payout Threshold 0.1 ZEN (wow!)
Payouts Instantly Upon Maturity (no waiting)
High Speed SSD Servers (only the best)
Lowest Latency Available (ping us and see for yourself)

Try out https://ZenPool.org

You will not be disappointed by the performance of our pool.


ZEN ZenCash Mining Pool Performance Pool EU
ZCL ZClassic Mining Pool Performance Pool EU
ZMINE is a very fast low latency multi coin mining pool.


High Speed Node.js servers for Low Latency
EU Servers
Low 0% Pool Fee until end of 2017
PPLNT Payout Rounds
Low 0.1 ZEN Minimum Payout
Anonymous Mining - No Annoying Sign up Needed

Connection details: https://zmine.eebh.hu/getting_started


hello everybody!

Join ower pool http://zen.247mines.com.
Coming soon bonus in ivtcoin.
A new coin.



-US based pool server hosted by Google Cloud
-Very low fee structure to maximize mining profit (0.25%)
-PPLNS reward system that rewards miners loyal to the pool with increased profits over the long term
-2 pool operators and developers to ensure stability and support for new features
-No registration required and automatic payouts at 0.1 ZEN
-Friendly support available (via email presently)

Help us challenge the larger pools and support decentralization!

Check us out @ http://www.minermaniac.com

Thank you for considering us!


join us, i see you are alone.
here is our main site, you can chose mine pool


We are looking for stress/beta testers for our new mining pool that we just launched - we’d love to have you check it out!

Currently running 0% fees. We have been testing it internally for a few weeks and are just now releasing it to the public.


Let me know what you think!

(currently supports ZEN, BTG, ZCL, HUSH, KMD with ZEC & STAK coming soon!)


Anyone of you guys using MPH ? How do you find it with ZEN compared to other pools?



I am new to the ZEN community and this is my first post. I like the project and wish it all success.

Interestingly I haven’t seen my mining pool been mentioned yet.

I am using Mining Pool Hub

ZenCash can be mined directly or in combination with to auto select mining option which automatically chooses the currently most profitable coin to mine.

Fees are currently at 0.9%

Servers are available in the US, EU, and Asia


I too use Mining Pool Hub and get some really good results. I never see anything about Mining Pool Hub when it comes to mining ZEN and wanted to see if anyone has tested it vs other pools and how were your results.

I will be testing shortly different pools and will post results myself.



Hi Fellow Miners,

TreeFrog Mines is US Based pool - https://treefrogmines.com

About pool:

  • US based VPS
  • Low Latency Connection
  • PPLNT Payouts
  • DDOS Protection
  • 1% Fee