ZEN mining pools


Hey thanks for that info. Miningspeed fixed their 0 balance issue.

I found the 6 hour payment details from another pool that actually cared to explain it. If I were a pool operator I would’ve addressed my concerns on the front page. But not everyone has their ears open.


For those following along with our ZEN giveaway…

Fellow Denizens of ZEN, The MineZ.Zone Final Round (3) of the 55 Zen Giveaway will be commencing at 2017-07-25 06:00:00 GMT

This will be Round 3, The Final Round of the 55 ZEN Giveaway
The Round will run as previously until the pot is empty (20 ZEN)
As with the past Rounds, the team takes these payments seriously and will not be running the bonus payouts until we are 100% confident all calculations and amounts are correct
You will have until July 25, 2017 06:00:00 GMT to join and be mining on the pool to be eligible for these Bonus Payouts *

(*You must be mining on MineZ.Zone prior to the round commencing to be eligible for payouts)




Load balanced stratum servers
US Servers in NY & SF
EU Servers London and Frankfurt
Asia Servers Singapore and Tokyo
0% Fee
Working payments
Full stratum support
HTTPS site and SSL stratum
Payouts every 5 mintes
DDoS protected

Need help? contact me @Madbuda https://t.me/Madbuda or on Slack


I’m using https://zenmine.pro for a couple of days, 0% fees for now + “rewards are paid immediately after ~100 confirmations.”. I’m happy with it :slight_smile:


Hello ZEN Community,

Today we launched a new ZEN Mining Pool with location Germany / Austria.
we would be happy if some of you will give it a try and spend us some Hashpower :slight_smile:

ZEN - Smart Mining Cloud

  • Anonymous mining
  • PPLNT payout scheme
  • Minimal Payout: 0.1 ZEN
  • VarDiff
  • 1% fees

best regards,


Same here. Been using them for over a month now and had no problems at all.


Crypto Broker Mining Pool Update


  • Auto-Profit Switching Port (Equihash & Scrypt)
  • Automatic Payouts
  • Affiliate Commission

The mining pool update allows users to mine the most profitable coin based on algorithm. Automatic payouts can be setup to withdrawal coins to your exchange of choice. Servers have been upgraded and redundencies/alerts enhanced offering a more reliable mining pool setup.


[quote=“iMil, post:24, topic:38”]
I’m using https://zenmine.pro for a couple of days, 0% fees for now + “rewards are paid immediately after ~100 confirmations.”. I’m happy with it :slight_smile:
[/quote] Same here but sometimes I’m mining in the Luckpool too. This is not mine mine but I would like to promote Luckpool cause I think it’s so far one of the best pools to mine ZEN, at least if you want to try your luck or have a big rig.

Luckpool is a mining pool for ZenCash, Zcash, Zclassic, Hush and Komodo, all five of which use the equihash algorithm and provide private transactions through zero knowledge proofs. The pool offers mining for a 0.3% fee and through a proportional shares payment method. Luckpool offers also a miner’s jackpot for all coins. So if you’re the founder of the block, you will get a 1 coin plus your shares. This leaves (10 ZEN + tx fee rewards - pool fee) for all miners.

Pool Info:

  • Miner’s Jackpot (1 ZEN)
  • Low Pool Fee: 0.3%
  • Pool pays tx fees!
  • Proportional Shares
  • Minimal Payout: 0.01 ZEN
  • Anonymous Mining
  • Accurate hashrate reporting
  • Full stratum support
  • Efficient mining engine
  • Detailed statistics with dedicated graphs
  • Push notifications
  • Hush, Komodo, Zcash, Zclassic & ZenCas

The server for Luckpool’s ZEN mine is:


Useful links:
Pool: https://luckpool.org
Discord/Support: https://gitter.im/luckpool/Lobby


I just c/p the introduction of my pool :smiley:

I was wandering around the Internet to find a German ZEC pool without the need of registration.
My seek was not successful, so I created:

## zPools - Blocks Made in Germany


After days and days testing stability, I'am now at the point to let you guys give it a try.

        Anonymous mining: No registration is needed, just a valid wallet address.
        Min. payout: ZEC=0,01 // ZCL=0,1 // ZEN=0,1
        PROP Stable and profitable pool with regular payouts.
        Low latency: about 25ms.
        Auto Difficulty.
        Server located in Germany.
        Pool Fee: 1%
        Chatbox - I really miss that feature on other servers.
        Easy to understand GUI.
[b]Ports for the miners:[/b]
zPools.de:8028 = Zencash (ZEN)
zPools.de:8030 = Zclassic (ZCL)
zPools.de:8032 = Zcash  (ZEC)

[b]Lets rock! See you guys in the mine  ;)[/b]


Hey GQM, trying to update my account and it keeps giving me this message. Any ideas??

Failed to update your account: Unable to connect to RPC server for coin address validation




Autopayout from 0.1
Anonymous Mining
VarDiff and fixed diff ports


Equihash SOLO “POOLS”

Zencash | Zclassic | Hush | BitcoinZ | VoteCoin


  • Anonymous mining
  • Full stratum support
  • Efficient mining engine
  • Payouts are made automatically every 4 hours
  • Server in EU
  • Low 1% fee
  • Workers statistics - monitor each rig separately
  • Compatible with Nicehash & MiningRigRentals

Server: s.zsolo.bid
User: YourWallet or YourWallet.WorkerName
Password:* x


Norm Diff - port 3057
High Diff - port 3060

Norm Diff - port 5057
High Diff - port 5060

Norm Diff - port 4057
High Diff - port 4060

BTCZ (BitcoinZ)
Norm Diff - port 7057
High Diff - port 7060

VOT (VoteCoin)
Norm Diff - port 8057
High Diff - port 8060

support: zsolobid at protonmail.com



Japan Asia ZEN pool
2017/10/20 就漲三倍,價格還不高,有無限潛力
Welcome to the future of mining
亞洲伺服器 ZEN Asia Server
匿名 Anonymous
低稅率:0.5% fee
支付方式:Pay Per Last N Time Shares (PPLNTs)
支付門檻:0.05 ZEN 3分鐘結算


European based Zen pool

Dedicated Servers
Low fees: 0.2%
Prop share payout
SSL Enabled
Anonymous Mining
HA environment

Config :
URL (difficulty 2.5 + vardiff): stratum+tcp://pool.minezencash.cloud:3032
URL (difficulty 16): stratum+tcp://pool.minezencash.cloud:3033
URL (difficulty 32): stratum+tcp://pool.minezencash.cloud:3034

Pool location:

example : stratum+tcp://uk.minezencash.cloud:3032

Support: [email protected]

PROMO from 15/Oct/17 for every block find 1 ZEN additional is paid to the block finder to a max of 40 ZEN available, paid manually the day after, 6 ZEN left at today.

Complex and High Availability infrastructure:
10 Reverse proxy edge servers
5 Core Zen Servers
1 Payment Server

Hurry up to gain the additional bonus!!


New Pool Started @ http://zen.blocksuckernation.com
Dedicated Server and Admin
Real time PROP payout scheme
Payouts after 100 confirmations
Accurate hashrate reporting
Mining rig rental services compatibility
Efficient mining engine, low orphan rate
Anonymous mining
Minimum payout 0.01 ZEN


Welcome guys to our new Zen pool with 0% fee (at least until 1dec).
http://NibiruPool.com - mining pool you can trust.
Reliable dedicated server, low ping, anonymous, 0% fee – all what you need for best mining experience.
For easy miners setup click here --> http://nibirupool.com/?p=335


New mining pool in Canada

Anonymouse mining
PPLNT (Pay Per Last N Time) - rewards miners who stick around
High speed Node.js (Z-Nomp) on a Fibre Optic backbone
Very low fees - 0.25% fee
Transaction fees paid to miners
Payouts every 10 minutes

Connection details:

Full disclosure - this is my mining pool - so I am biased, but I am using it myself, so have every incentive to make it good.

Jim Nickel


Since this was recently bumped . . check out my latest ZenCash mining pool comparison and theres also a couple others on the channel!


ZEN ZenCash Mining Pool ZenPool.org SSD High Performance Pool USA

ZenPool is a very fast low latency ZenCash-only mining pool.


High Speed SSD Servers for Low Latency
US East Coast Servers - Check Our Low Ping from the US West Coast and Europe
Low 1.0% Pool Fee
PROP/PPLNT Payout Rounds - Fair is Fair!
Low 0.1 ZEN Minimum Payout
Payouts Instantly Upon Maturity
SSL/TLS Ports Available
Anonymous Mining - No Annoying Sign up Needed
Live Chat

Connection details: https://ZenPool.org/getting_started

We created ZenPool to be the fastest and lowest latency ZenCash pool available. No payout fees, fair proportional rounds, and fast payouts. Try our pool for a few days. You will be impressed.