Zen Mining Pools List


ZenCash is an equihash based cryptocurrency, and works well for GPU mining.

ZenCash on Github - https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zen/

Zen on CoinMarketCap - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zencash/

Zen Mining pools

ZenMine Pro - https://zenmine.pro/
Cryptobroker - https://pool.cryptobroker.io/zen/
BitFire Pool - https://zen.bitfire.one/
MineZ Zone - https://minez.zone/
Luckpool - http://www.luckpool.org/
Miningspeed - http://zen.miningspeed.com/
ZenCash Cloud - http://zencash.cloud
Zen Mining Pool IO - http://miningpool.io/
Zcrypt - http://zcrypt.live
MineIX - http://mineix.ca/
Zpool - http://www.zpool.ca/
SuprNova - https://zen.suprnova.cc/
Owl Miner's Club - http://zen.owlminingclub.com/
0301 Mining Pool - http://pool.0301.farm/
ZHash.Pro - https://zhash.pro/
ZENCASH Asia Mining Pool,亞洲礦池 - https://zhash.pro/
Nibiru Pool - http://zen.nibirupool.com/
MinerManiac - http://www.minermaniac.com/

Zen Mining Profit Calculator - https://whattomine.com/coins/185-zen-equihash
Mining Profit Calculator - http://whattopayformining.com/

Mining Pool information on ZenCash Forum - https://forum.horizen.global/t/mining-pools-available-at-launch/28


Bittrex - https://bittrex.com
Cryptopia - https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/
Coss.io - https://coss.io/
Evercoin - https://evercoin.com/
Trade Satoshi - https://tradesatoshi.com


ZenCash website – https://zensystem.io
ZenCash Blog – https://blog.zensystem.io
ZenCash Github – https://github.com/ZencashOfficial
ZenCash Forum - https://forum.horizen.global
ZenCash Slack - https://slackinvite.zensystem.io
ZenCash on BitcoinTalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1819977.0;topicseen




Is BitFire gone for good?

Miningspeed is also down and has also been the least profitable pool I have mined Zen on . . by far. Will be moving a rig to luckpool


yes bitfire shutdown and recommended switching to luckpool


We created Zen and ZClassic Pool to be the fastest and lowest latency ZEN and ZCL pool available. No payout fees, fair proportional rounds, and fast payouts. EU based servers.

· https://minepool.hu/

twitter: https://twitter.com/MinePool_hu


Now we separated the Zen mine, to be more effective. 0%fee !



If you are looking for a fast low latency ZEN ZenCash mining pool, then you should give https://ZenPool.org a try.

US based servers (low ping for US miners)
ZenCash only mining on our servers (keeping our servers fast)
Pool Fee: 1.0%
Minimum Payout Threshold 0.1 ZEN
Payouts Instantly Upon Maturity (no waiting)
High Speed SSD Servers (only the best)
Lowest Latency Available (ping us and see for yourself)

Most other pools aggregate many different coin mining daemons and front ends on one server, which causes performance to suffer and blockchain latency, which costs you money by missing blocks.

Each of our pools is an independent system designed to maximize the performance of each pool. Because our pools are separate and isolated our pools are blazing fast and our miners get the fastest performance and lowest latency possible.

Try out https://ZenPool.org