ZEN Meetups Presentation


Dear Horizen enthusiasts,

have you ever wondered about the arrangement of Horizen meetup? For those who want to spread the fabulous idea of Horizen we’ve prepared a totally awesome presentation!
Many thanks to @zenchick, @Lucy and @JeremyW for their effort! :+1:

Do you have any question or need a help? Please, feel free to contact me :blush:

English version:
Horizen Meetups Presentation.pdf (2.6 MB)

Spanish version (many thanks to @Uanl91):
Horizen Meetups Presentation Spanish.pdf (3.0 MB)

Warm regards,
Community Project Manager of ZenCash

[Proposal] Meetup in Venezuela
[Proposal] Meetup in Venezuela




Here is media kit:

If you are going to use it, please do not made changes, it must stay as it is.