ZEN Meetups Presentation and media kit


For those who want to spread the fabulous idea of Horizen we’ve prepared a totally awesome presentation!

English version:
Horizen Meetups Presentation.pdf (2.6 MB)

Spanish version:
Horizen Meetups Presentation Spanish.pdf (3.0 MB)

Here is media kit:
If you are going to use it, please do not made changes, it must stay as it is.


Very useful, thanks for sharing with us.


Thanks! Gotta update the Philosophy slide under the new Mining Rewards Governance whereby Miner 60% and Treasury 20% of mining rewards


Great! Thanks for the presentation.


Thanks man, was useful…


All feedbacks are welcomed so we can made improvements. You are best source of such information due to experiences on the field. :wink:


Thanks, this is really useful.


Actually informations are obsolete and it needs to be updated :roll_eyes:


When update? :roll_eyes: