Zen Community Engagement and Marketing


Hi my name is Neil, I’m an Australian who has been involved with ZenCash since the start, during which early days I spent countless days volunteering with community engagement. I propose to spend officially approximately two days per week handling Zen social media accounts, particularly Reddit, Bitcointalk, Steemit and Twitter. I intend to most likely spend more time than this unofficially. Many great volunteers already contribute on the Slack, and I intend to make sure that’s going fine too. Additionally, I intend to increase brand awareness through other channels above and beyond text-based posts in the above platforms, to include other forms of media, for example YouTube and publications.

Please click on the below Drive link to see my full proposal



Great Neil, we definitely could use the help and it’s been great having you work with the project from the beginning…there’s a lot of organizational / project knowledge that will make this even more effective.