Zen-cli z_sendmany not work!



I am just trying to create secure node by manual… but eventually basic command z_sendmany not work!
Here is my syntax:
zen-cli z_sendmany ‘T_ADD’ ‘[{“address”: “Z_ADD”, “amount”: 0.0249}]’

T_ADD is full 0.05 ZEN, newest client version, full synced blockchain!

some opid-xxx is returned but absolutely no effect to balances, i am just waiting for hours…

Is here something special need to do, for successfully run this command ?

Thankx a lot!


It depends on the system you are trying to run the command from - but in Linux you may need escapes.
z_sendmany “TADDR” “[{\“address\”: \“ZADDR\”, \“amount\”: 1.23}]”
and in some distributions you may need to stack escapes.


Ok Thanks for info… so i just try your second version by zen-cli cheat sheet manual and this doesn’t work for me too! Nothing happen! It’s just pretty annoying …

My distro is Ubuntu 16.04

Any more information ? Thanks a lot!


you could try like this:
zen-cli z_sendmany 'ztiAHxp7fJf7Ynh7sha4AyUw42AcHjN2zs5' '[{"address": "ztkRhuXrRs5fJmR 394oe8GM8UuFPeeDdqgP", "amount": 1.0}]'
(testnet addresses shown)
The return should be something like opid-2f25aacb-259d-4e9c-8659-4fc9f4f63886


Ok, so where is the point ?
You placed here my first version, I am just writing it’s not work…
It’s return some opid-xxx how you noticed… but in real nothing happen. Transaction don’t execute… balances on addresses are still same, like before command… transaction is not broadcasted probably… question is why ?



try zen-cli z_getoperationstatus to check the most recent operation status. That may tell you if there was an error. Also, check the balance of your FROM_ADDR immediately before trying to send. It may be empty or waiting for change if you recently sent from it. And change is actually returned to a different address when sending from transparent to shielded addresses.

zen-cli z_getbalance "FROM_ADDR"