ZEN Branding Makeover


I am Dum. I’m a professional Front End Developer in the U.S. with a speciality in UI/UX Design with over 10 years of experience. I have shipped dozens of large scale projects including projects from high-profile companies like Siemens, Intel, and Syfy. I have also worked extensively on a large cryptography project for a client, but am still under NDA.

To get to gist, I would like to give ZEN a complete branding makeover. This includes a new logo, new brand guidelines, marketing materials, vector logo files, new website theme and most importantly, a Wallet GUI that will make all the other alt-coins jealous. :slight_smile:

If there is interest, I can create a formal proposal.

Here’s a couple of concepts I was working on for fun. By no means would I consider this finished work representative of a final deliverable. One is my clean-up of the current logo and the other is actually a real Electron application I started to build with React and Stylus.

I retain all copyright to these images as works of visual art.


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Hello Dum,

I would like to react to your Ideas:

  1. About logo and design remake - it is really hard to apply for that because there has to be broader conformity in the community for accepting the results of your work. And without specific proposals, we cant decide. We did many design competitions for logos and many individuals have sent great logos to us.

  2. Zen and other cryptos are too new and innovative and I hope they will not have roots/connections/styles/UI like that old dinosaur-company which you have mentioned - only my personal opinion.

  3. And just a few small notes - new logo has to be unmistakable with the old one (we can not only change colors as in your logo). The second note is about the brand (as you have to know from your UI/UX designer experiences) black and white brand are too common/nondistinctive - so nothing special for doing marketing on it and so on.

  4. As I understand your UI is a shell without any functionality now.

  5. Your note “I retain all copyright to these images as works of visual art.” really doesn’t fit MIT environments like the crypto world is.

  6. In my Arizen team is really huge space for improving UI/UX as you mentioned on the Slack. I know and I totally agree with that. We don’t have anybody who is specialized in UI/UX - that is the reason why that looks like how that looks like. Now we are focusing on more important things than UI.

Don’t treat that thing like big critics, but just reaction to your ideas and proposed image from you. My personal result is, yes - we need somebody to our team for improving the UI appearance for Arizen v2.0.0. If you agree with that we could probably try you in probation-period if you want.

Have a great day.

Copyright wouldnt be an issue if the images were licensed under CC and the code under MIT or GPL

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Just to clarify my stance on license/copyright, I would love to completely open source everything MIT or CC if working for pay by the Zen DAO (or give the rights directly to the Zen Foundation). I especially appreciate it being open source to accept help and pull requests.


Hi @Dum nice to meet you. i’ve been traveling for the last week, so a bit slow to get to messages and new posts. Zen needs a brand makeover, you nailed that. We already have a few teams working different aspects of it, so doing a full comprehensive proposal is redundant at the moment, but we could certainly use solid UI/UX talent.

New website is in works, we have a candidate logo but are still going through a community brainstorm on new concepts and have a graphic designer putting together sketches working through our marketing team; the website revamp is in works already and should be complete in a couple weeks.

That said, all of our products and user facing media could use improvements. We should talk further about a specific project.