Zen Block Explorer

When will Zen have something like this? The only ZenCash block explorer I’m familiar with is the one you can navigate to through zenmine.pro https://zenmine.pro/#/account/znVUjim9waxP73P5jQ76ezdMpvgTYVnPp3r

This is my favorite part of this explorer personally . . .

I would love to see a tool like this for Zen

https://miningpoollists.com/zencash/ Hmm?


Did not know about the first link O_O thanks! For the second would like to see it a bit more expansive like the zec link, thanks for the reply :smiley:

I have modified my block explorer with the request of the OP.

It currently only has about 12 blocks (since I implemented the tracking) but I will be programming a new algorithm to index from the genesis block.


@psyrax this is a really nice block explorer! https://explorer.zen-solutions.io/

Thank you @Blockops

I have now indexed all of the blocks found since genesis52 PM