Z_sendmany failed at Part 7 Step 7 of Super Nodes Installation


I try to install a super node but the step 7 met an issue in https://horizenofficial.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ZEN/pages/136871987/Part+7+-+Stake+and+Challenge+Balance+using+Arizen

zen-cli z_sendmany $(zen-cli listaddresses | jq -r ‘.[1]’) ‘[{“address”: "’$(zen-cli z_getnewaddress)’", “amount”: 0.0249},{“address”: “’$(zen-cli z_getnewaddress)’”, “amount”: 0.0249}]’

with an opid but the balance is not move from transparent to private for a long time.

[email protected]:~$ zen-cli z_gettotalbalance
“transparent”: “0.0499”,
“private”: “0.00”,
“total”: “0.0499”

After check the zen-cli z_getoperationstatus print out, it told me:

"status": "failed",
"creation_time": 1545372500,
"error": {
  "code": -6,
  "message": "Could not find any non-coinbase UTXOs to spend. Coinbase UTXOs can only be sent to a single zaddr recipient."
"method": "z_sendmany",

Try again and the result is same.


I know what’s wrong. I transfer some zen to some other address and the $(zen-cli listaddresses | jq -r ‘.[1]’) address has no zen. You can use “zen-cli listaddressgroupings” to check which z_address has zen.


I have opened a ticket at help desk for you, and I will inform you shortly.

Whenever you need an technical support you can visit our discord https://discordapp.com/invite/Hu5mQxR #node_tech_support or open a ticket https://horizenofficial.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1



Is this still an issue?

If you need support on this, please send me direct message with your email and I will add you to the ticket in the Service Desk.



Many thanks, I think I solve it by manual zen-cli z_sendmany from my z_address which has zen. Now the private addresses have zen.


Great! I will mark the service desk issue as resolved and closed.