Z_sendmany error code -6



Trying to set-up a secure node.
Everything went well until step 7 (stake and challenge…).

I had a wallet with 42,75 ZEN, I did the batch withdrawal (from Arizen); 42 ZEN stayed in my Arizen wallet and the remaining went to my node. As I did not have exactly 0.0499 ZEN on my node, I sent out some zen ZEN and did did many times to adjust (ok silly am I…).

Now that I have exactly 0.0499 ZEN in a t_address on my node, I want to move it in 2 z_addresses as explained in the operating manual with the following command:
zen-cli z_sendmany $(zen-cli listaddresses | jq -r ‘.[1]’) ‘[{“address”: "’$(zen-cli z_getnewaddress)’", “amount”: 0.0249},{“address”: “’$(zen-cli z_getnewaddress)’”, “amount”: 0.0249}]’

I get an OP Id, but with the following error:
“status”: “failed”,
“creation_time”: 1559680009,
“error”: {
“code”: -6,
“message”: “Could not find any non-coinbase UTXOs to spend. Coinbase UTXOs can only be sent to a single zaddr recipient.”
“method”: “z_sendmany”,

Please help…
Thanks a lot



Hi Paul, the best place to get support is our support desk: https://support.horizen.global