Working on project for some advertisment in Netherlands

Currently designing a website that will contain different alt-coins to give information to some of the dutch people here.
When talking with Mac about this we came in a conversation that there is not like much community yet from the country I am from.
I will be making some advertisments on paper about this that will be containing the website I gonna host for it when the project is finished.

Hope that some people in the Netherlands can understand the meanings of digital currency’s and get more interest in it.
This is how it will be looking when showing all the coins when going more into the site there will be some information about the community’s and info about the coins.



Love this idea! We are glad to have awesome people like you in our community. :smiley:


Currently testing for bugs and stuff and at the same time working on a discord server so if people have questions they can contact me about it.

Hope i can finish it soon (Next week don’t have study and got free transport so trying to get it done then and print out some advertisements)

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Currently the project is not under progress since I am currently focussing on study.

Will give a update when I start to work on it again.