Windows Secure remote node


Hi guys,

just registered here, I was thinking of testing Zencash for some time. I d like to run a secure node on a Windows machine. Is this possible? If yes, please point me towards a guide.


Hi @Cryptojedi,

according to my experience it’s impossible. You have to learn Linux skills.

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Community Project Manager of ZenCash


It is possible, but you need to be a very advanced user that knows how to do it alone, because there is no guide. But it’s possible afaik.

It’s also not worth it. It costs more than a linux vps.


C’mon Dat - that’s a biased reply.
A linux VM can be very easily setup on a windows machine, and a decent machine with CPU stepping and power management will be comparable to VPS costs with the way a securenode works.
However - as this is most likely a home machine, the biggest issue will be NAT for the tracking software.
This will need the VM to be in the DMZ, or for IPv6 to be provisioned.


Okay fair enough, I didn’t think about a VM.