White Flag to BAKKT - Price of Altcoins

Bitcoin clearly is embraced by the big players. The question now is where is Horizen going from here?

The best Altcoin to model from now is Monero and how they will never be listed at Coinbase, their survival without the backing of the US regulations bec of their shielded transaction capabilities to hide taxable transactions.

Well, I think Horizen has the clear advantage of being behind the failed moves of Zcash and Komodo with prematurely having projects that are not being adopted by the Institutional investors, governments and the average Joe. I think they failed.

I’m hoping for Horizen to invite more players, miners and developers to join from other equihash algorithm community and to move forward with the White Flag from here and perhaps target to work more with third-world government projects to run their programs in a blockchain bec I think this can make those corrupt governments have better accounting, better elections and eliminate red tapes. It can make their projects run more efficiently and most importantly “it is a government that needs shielded transactions” to protect themselves from insiders or corrupt officials to steal, like, Senate pork barrels that involves a lot of money which I believe needs a blockchain to keep unedited records and a third party outside the country to run it independently and uninfluenced by any kind dictator leaders.

Just my opinion.
Just sharing.

Couldn’t agree more on how to make Horizen increasingly useful. We’re quite actively building relationships to solve trust issues (what blockchain ought to be doing) in certain Latin American markets…more details forthcoming in the near future.

Also agree about rallying both miner and dev communities. It’s still concept dev, but we’re exploring a sustained ASIC resistance strategy to broaden our miner base (better distribution of new coins), and theHorizen Developer Environment (HDE) is being built precisely to turbocharge our dev community.

re: our competition, this is such a dynamic long game, nothing’s certain. I have huge respect for Zcash’s sophisticated engineering, for Monero’s community-driven we-don’t-give-a-s*#t attitude, and for Komodo’s continuous rapid deliveries.

I mined Ethereum with AMD GPUs before the ASICS came out. It was sort of a hobby but a little more bec I had 24 graphics cards.

When I experienced mining with the Innosilicon A9 Z Master and it was quiet, heat management was easy as I just needed to connect tubes for heat exhaust, I felt GPU mining was hardwork and will not deal with it again.

As a hobbyist I will not go back to GPUs, I just don’t have the time to deal with it, in fact, I have my zen nodes being hosted.

I was invested in Zcash, I believed in the project but I’ve let it go when I discovered “coin join - bitcoin laundry” and it was blessing in disguise, I exchanged it all to Bitcoin.

I’m just being truthful and I hope I did not offend anyone.

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