What is the most profitable ZenCash pool after huge price and network increase?


This is a ~24 hour test - this test will be continued further but people are asking for my recommendation now . . well here it is xD


Follow the miners if curious
suprnova (not traceable)


Good video , but how do you address the variance, of the blocks being found by a pool. To be fair with all the pools this test’s should run for a week at least, in my opinion.


Thank you and I completely agree on running the test longer, my last tests were 2-4 weeks. This is simply answering the immediate question I’ve been getting as I was receiving a lot of requests for something right now. I also posted the addresses so that everyone can follow along, if this was a 48 hour test, the results and recommendations would still be the same as shown below


Are you running the exact same setup on each of these pools?


Yes it’s three identical rigs running on the same shelf, same software, all reflashed at the beg. of each test, started at the same time


This is really interesting to watch. They all bounce back and forth between profitability. Especially because with ZHash.pro being such a small pool you get a big payday when you actually find a block. I am guessing that these are about 1600 h/s?