What have I missed...?

Alright zen family, I’ve been away for sometime now!.. Lost and had to lay my immediate elder brother to rest and after then fell ill… So what have I missed so far from this great house?..

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Hey @Boylevictor

Glad to see that you’re back! And sorry for your lost :pray:

  • We have successfully launched Sidechain Alpha few months ago
  • We have Weekly Insider Call on Discord + Quarterly Livestream on YouTube replacing the Monthly Livestream on YouTube
  • We have launched a better Faucet, now in different languages
  • Engineering department added new Sr. Software Engineers
  • More and more partnerships with wallets, payment processors and exchanges
  • Sidechain Beta is planned to be released in Q1 2020. That’s when the real fun happens!
  • Staggering community growth and mass adoption
  • ZEN price rebounded hard from the ATL of $3-ish to current price of $7-ish

That’s what I can recall for now! :sunglasses:


Wow! That’s what I call digital revolution! Zen to the moon! Thanks for the update bro, let’s keep the community growing!


It depends on what you want to do here. So the first aspect is connected to the quality attempts of being. For instance, the house is not too clean. What will you do? Clean on your own or ask professionals like this one to reach the necessary result? I have chosen the last thing.