What hardware are you mining with?


Hey guys, new to mining and zen is only the second coin I’ve started to mine. The team looks great and the concept sounds solid so I look forward to feeding hashes!

I’m running some old hardware in an old gaming rig but I’m curious what everyone else is running!

I figure a list is in order:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition clocked at 3.6GHz
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX r2.0
RAM: 16GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600
GPU: Sapphire 270x Dual-X OC clocked at 1150mhz core and 1420mhz VRAM

I guess that’s all the specs needed for mining sake. I want to know what everyone else is running and if I have the worst setup in town or not :joy:

Happy mining!


I bought a GPU specifically for gaming, but of course you end up mining with it when not gaming:

GPU: Asus ROG Strix GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti OC edition 11GB GDDR5X
Miner: EWBF CUDA miner 0.3.3b, no tweaking, latest but not the optimal NVIDIA drivers
Speed: 684-719 Sol/s (avg. ~700)

Edit: with 0.3.4b I’m getting solid 710+ Sol/s (with 729 Sol/s highest on a 10 minute time range).

Other gear is like 5 years old. There’s a new version of EWBF just out said to give a small speed burst.


Currently RX 480s. Next ut are RX 580s. I use Asus Strix OC cards with 8GB RAM. Rest of my hardware is old except the SSD disks.

I use Ethos mainly or Ubuntu.


mb: H81 ProBTC rev2.0
CPU: celeron
Ram 4gb ddr3 @ 1600
2x RX470 4Gb *overclocked to 1250/1850 with moded bios
1x RX480 4Gb *overclocked to 1350/2050 with moded bios
1x R7 370 2Gb - PowerColor ddr5, 256 bit * overclocked to 1100/1550 original bios
Claymore 12.5 with Saphire Trixx 6.3.0. Win 10 (but planing downgrade of OS) mining @ Suprnova with reported 1000sols/s (getting up to 1200 - 1300)
UPS 1200W
Usb 3.0 Risers with molex, rev 0.6
And thinking to put my PC 2 work - CPU FX8300, 16Gb, UltraDurable mb (5slots - 3x16pin + 2xpciE) with maybe those new GPUs of Nvidia P106-100 MINER 6G but not sure about them…


For now try this>>> ASUS B250 Mining Expert
After update the P106-100 driver can support from 8 cards to 19 cards(for now only P106)
they build in 24 pins for 3 so you can operating 3 PSU at the same time

I was mining with ASUS Z270E Gaming+ 32G + I5-6500 +STRIX GTX1070*6 Leadex 1300W
And I will try P106 with mining expert


I am using:
Asus Z270-A (or AR)
Intel Celeron 4400
Cheapest available SSD
Ver 007 risers
Some combo of 6-8 1070s and/or 1080 tis (most builds are 7x 1070)
Some combo of 750 and/or 1000 Platinum EVGA PSUs. (I can run 7x 1070 on a single 1000w Platinum PSU)
A single Add2PSU on multi PSU computers
Windows 10 trial
Awesome Miner


Several gtx 1070’s on different coins.
MB H81 pro BTC rev2
v007s risers
4Gb ram each rig
G1830 proc each rig
using smos


Hey there, anyone mining with Vega?


check this gpu price / performance comparison table https://ba.net/zcash-eth-nvidia-mining-os/building-your-first-mining-rig.html#gpu