Weekly Engineering Update 📢

Weekly Engineering Update:

  • zend: Software deprecation happened as expected. Thank you to all partners that upgraded to new zend software 2.0.21!

  • Sidechain SDK: Integration and testing ongoing. Production of documentation in progress

  • Mainchain changes to support sidechains: Reviewed new mainchain changes to support sidechains. Partially applied changes requested, waiting for review

  • Explorer: Sidechain ceased detection added. Unit and integration tests in progress

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Weekly Engineering Update:

  • Sidechain SDK: Integration and testing nearly finished. Beta Preview documentation in review

  • Mainchain changes to support sidechains: New mainchain changes to support sidechains review complete. Changes requested during code reviews applied and under review

  • New Explorer: Unit tests complete. Integration tests in progress. Front-end work upcoming


Weekly Engineering Update:

  • zend_oo: Code review of pending mainchain tasks started - to be included in the next beta release

  • Sidechain SDK: Worked on minor issues identified by the community. Changed internal structure of SidechainHistory. Improvements made to Sidechain Test Framework

  • Sphere by Horizen: Code review of Sphere by Horizen MC to SC operations in full mode.

  • zendoo-sc-cryptolib and zendoo-mc-cryptolib: Improved security checks for some cryptographic primitives

  • Documentation: Implementing an example of a customized sidechain: Car Registry