Weekly Engineering Update 📢

Weekly Engineering Update:

Horizen Sidechains:
-Conducted code review and accepted the following items related to the Epochs developments: Creation of new withdrawal request box, modification of Regular Transaction to support withdrawal request box, modification of SideChain State to support processing and storing withdrawals.

Weekly Engineering Update:

Horizen Sidechain SDK: Progress with the Consensus implementation strategy. Reviewed the following:

  • Tracking the stake of eligible forgers for a given epoch
  • Introduction of the needed data for providing proof to be a valid slot leader
  • The opportunity to not implement the key-evolving signature scheme considering that the sidechain state is to be considered immutable after withdrawal epoch ends.


  • Introduced certificates that are similar to a new type of transaction used by CoinBase that has only outputs
  • Implemented Sidechain Manager unit tests

New White Paper related to the sidechain model extension:

  • Writing all the sections of the paper with the exception of introduction and conclusions: 80% complete
  • Organized a deep dive session to discuss and define the details

Addressing GitHub open issues on zend. 3 fixes in progress.