Wallet 100% synced no Zen


I recently had to reformat my computer. I saved my wallet.dat on 2 different external hard drives. I made sure I had it saved. However, when I tried to import my wallet.dat I received the following message

It’s fully synced and no ZenCash. Is there anyway to fix this?


The error message occurs because the messaging identity T/Z addresses cannot be found in the wallet.dat. This can happen if the wallet.dat is replaced or a fresh one is created. The GUI also stores the messaging identity T/Z addresses outside the wallet.dat… so somehow the wallet.dat has likely changed since the time the messaging identity was created.

Are you sure you properly restored the wallet.dat file manually after reformatting the PC?


I have actually saved the wallet in 3 different places. In other words, I have about 3 wallet.dat’s. Would this mean that the latest saved overrode the 2 other verisons of wallet.dat? So, the solution would be to find the latest save of the wallet.dat. Thank you!


@jasonborne991 I think it is important first to establish what happened, what wallet was moved replaced or something else was done so that the balance is zero. When this becomes clear, you can possibly replace the wallet.dat with the right/most recent version so that the ZEN balance would appear. After that if you still have the problem with the error message, you may rename the messaging directory as it suggests.

It is a good idea never to delete a wallet.dat but to rename the older version on replace…