Volunteer proofreading services


Hi folks,

I’d appreciate advice on who I can contact to offer volunteer proofreading services for the various Zencash web sites. Thanks.


Hello @DarkStar,

thank you for your offer. May I ask you for sending me an email to [email protected]? We can discuss more details and I can connect you with proper people from ZenCash team.

Thank you very much!
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Hello Kamila,

Sorry for my late response. I was thinking I’d get an e-mail in response rather than a post to the forum. In retrospect, though, given the emphasis on transparency I should have considered that.

Please let me know your availability for the discussion. I’m in the Pacific time zone. Thanks.


Hello @DarkStar,

thank you for your response. You’re right. It’s better to pay attention to transparency but sometimes people want to talk about some details of their proposals or want to ask something and talking on Forum is not convenient for them from many personal reason. I do not want to force anybody to do something what is out of his/her comfort zone so I usually offer to write me an email.

So may I ask you do you have any credentials? Have you worked as a copywriter before or anything like that? And how long have you been involving in ZenCash community?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Kamila,

Thanks for your consideration.

Regarding credentials, I did a couple of online proofreading courses, and have worked with Distributed Proofreaders, a group of volunteers for Project Gutenberg, for about 4 months. I’ve also volunteered as an editor/proofreader with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign in NY. I’m currently completing an online editing course through Inklyo, where I also did my proofreading course.

I have been involved in the ZenCash community since last December, when one of my former colleagues told me about it, quite excitedly. He and I have since partnered on a 6-GPU ZenCash miner, and I brought our 10th secure node online yesterday. We’ve got our fingers crossed about a super node once that hard fork is complete.


Hi @DarkStar,

we reviewed your offer of proofreading services and we think it’s a nice idea. To be honest project Gutenberg seems to be a very cool project!:wink: And we’re all the time glad if our miners want to participate in projects. We are very proud of it!

We would like to talk to you about more details, your resumé, time possibilities etc. May I ask you to send me an email to [email protected] to set a time for short discussion, please?

Many thanks in advance👍

Have a nice weekend.
Kind regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash