Using Ledger Nano for Secure Node Collateral


In case anyone is having problems withdrawing ZEN from a Ledger Nano that is used for Secure Node Collateral.

I have learned that it is first in first out, and all those small deposits really slow down the sending process. I am running 6 secure nodes using the Ledger and to keep it clean and not bogged down to much every other week after rewards are paid I send all the coins to my Sphere wallet and the send them back in 42 coin increments.

The actual approval is the longest part while the Ledger chains together all of those transactions. It takes 10-15 minutes for the approval screen to change on the unit. At first I thought it was broken, but after a bunch of research I learned that it takes a huge amount of processing power to chain all those small transactions together.

So be patient, even on my fancy pants Ryzen 7 with 64 gigs of Ram it is super slow. And if you have never sent those out and back in it could take up to an hour on slower machines, you will need to change the time out to never, otherwise it will never work.

Good luck!