Upgrade Your Zen Software Before Block 117,575 on Tuesday June 13


Anyone running a ZenCash node - please change your reference repository and update before the 117,575 block, which will happen Tuesday midday. At this block the mandatory upgrade takes effect, it is also known as a soft fork. This is especially important for mining pool operators, solo miners, and exchanges.

The master branch at this repo is what you need to upgrade to https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zen

If you are running an earlier version of a Zen wallet, you should upgrade that as well. There are binaries available for Windows and Mac for the Eleos version 0.0.7 wallet at https://github.com/zencashofficial/eleos/releases

This is a way to do it if you are currently running a Zen node:

cd ~/zen
 ## Set new Remote! This is the most important step!
 git remote set-url origin https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/zen.git
 ## Verify if the new remote has been set to the correct _NEW_ Github!
 git remote -v
 ## Git Pull and Compile as a normal upgrade.
 git pull
 ./zcutil/build.sh -j$(nproc)
 ./src/zen-cli stop
 sleep 10
 ./src/zend --daemon
 ## Verify if your version matches the newest release!
 ./src/zen-cli getinfo

Assistance is available:

Zen Slack - get a login at https://slackinvite.zensystem.io and the slack is at https://zencash.slack.com
Zen Forum - https://forum.horizen.global



Running wallet 0.0.7 windows. Error when importing wallet. Please help


“backup your ZEN wallet.dat if you have some ZEN in it”
i did and it made two files in the .tar file

  1. zcl-wallet.dat
  2. zec-wallet.dat

why no zen wallet ?