Update for Decentralized CryptoArt Show on OCT 5, 2017


Here’s the link to our original proposal on the forum…Proposal for Decentralized CryptoArt Show - Money NOW Network

Since announcing the partnership with ZENcash for this event we’ve added over 60 new members to the Meetup Group and we’re opening a ZEN wallet for each person…

Join us here http://meetu.ps/c/3qMFL/z3yMN/f

We’re Keeping Track of Zen wallets and users on TRELLO here…

ZEN Mobile Wallet on Android Google Play

Check out some
Video from the event - -


BLOG Posts on Steemit - -

And on TheBitcoin.Pub Forum…

We are also at BlockCon in Santa Monica today and tomorrow…https://youtu.be/q_cwNEF0vVc


Some of our social media accounts have been disabled and I don’t know if all our content is still visible, so I wanted to re-share this recap video from this event… :smiley:

3D Matterport Gallery