Unconfirmed transaction, need help


hi there
this is my address:


and as you can see transactions didnt confirmed, i have also paid decent fees for this transfer.

anyone help ?


YOU do transaction in which platform like bittrex or wallet?


bittrex to binance it is, almost hour ago i sent, yet no confirmation. :confused:


ok… Same here my transaction is pending an hour ago… but transaction is confirmed only hign fees payer


this is really disappointing, even i have added decent fees, but still no confirmation.


Sent 10 Zen from my wallet to Binance 9 hours ago and still unconfirmed. What is up?


Hi guys, having same issue here. I am using MyZenWallet.


Any help would be appreciated… When I run Fix Unconfirmed ZEN, I get an error message Error. Error: Request failed with status code 400

I sent zen about 12 hours ago already…


Still not contirmed or what