Unable to launch ZENCash Desktop GUI Wallet for Windows 0.80.5 on Windows 10


Hi there. For some reason after double click on ZENCashDesktopGUIWallet.exe nothing happens. There is no Log file also. I have Windows 10 and a good PC. I thought, maybe my antivirus or defender blocks that app, but after temporary stopping of both antivirus and defender - the same problem had appeared: after double click on ZENCashDesktopGUIWallet.exe nothing happens. Maybe somebose faced similar problem and knows, how to resolve it?


Is the Windows 10 that you have a 64-bit/x86_64 version?


Hi! My Windows 10 system type is 64 bit operating system processor x64


I have the same problem. Can anybody help, plz? See logfile




@tarkannnnn Your problem is different. The GUI wallet somehow cannot download the Zen proving key https://zensystem.io/downloads/sprout-proving.key maybe there is a connection issue to the site zensystem.io.


Dear tarkannnnn, my situation is different - nothig happens after double klick on exe file. You have at least ZenCash picture and a log file. I don’t have nothing that.


@pomabyjob Did you verify your download SHA256 sum?

Maybe you could also try the other Zen wallet - arizen: https://github.com/ZencashOfficial/arizen