Unable to collect stats without a nodeid


I had a secure node up and running, then due to a problem with my VPS provider—and my own sheer stupidity, I deleted it. Once the trouble with my VPS got sorted out I set up a new secure node, using the backup of the wallet. I now have three problems:

  1. Unable to collect stats without a nodeid. The tracker isn’t working and my node is not listed on the website. Is this due to using the same staking address as the first node? Is this related to second problem?

  2. Unable to get z-addr balance. As the node is still syncing the blockchain, I’m guessing that it just doesn’t have data yet?

  3. The syncing process is painfully slow. Much slower than the first attempt. It’s been syncing for well over 24 hours and hasn’t finished with 331674 blocks so far. At the rate it’s going it won’t finish until tomorrow.


I tried changing the staking address. No change.

Restored wallet unable to Unable to get z-addr balance

Hi @philo.phineas,

as I wrote in this topic, I’d like to kindly ask you for creating a ticket on ZenHelp. I could help you here but on ZenHelp everything is stored on one place, it’s available 24/7 and furthermore you have a direct interaction with engineers (which is awesome).

Thank you for using Forum and fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.

Have a perfect day.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen


I later found ZenHelp, and have been able to resolve the issue. As there is no support in the Forum, perhaps it would be best if this topic was removed and replaced with a notice to use ZenHelp.


Hi @philo.phineas,

thank you for your suggestion. There is a support on Forum but you underestimate the boundary conditions like summer, vacations, character of issue, skills of user etc. I’m sure you’ve noticed we currently have started to work on a big improvement of the Forum.

Thank you and enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards,
Community Project Manager of Horizen