UK Lead Proposal


I realise that this is a little backwards however in the interest of transparency, below is my proposal for taking up post as UK Lead.

UK Lead Proposal

Feel free to shout if anyone has any questions, suggestions or issues with anything that I’m proposing to do in the short to medium term.

Thanks in advance.



Definitely an important step towards growth @Rowan. A very inspiring proposition which don’t I think the core team would have a problem supporting.


Hi Rowan,

It is a good proposal and one which I as a UK resident appreciate.
It may help, generally speaking, if you provide more info about yourself - name, maybe even a picture. It builds trust.

I am in Leicestershire, if you have any events nearby feel free to give me a shout :slight_smile:



Hi Nik,

Here’s my Linkedin profile. It could do with being updated to include some of my older jobs but it’s got my pic and my last few positions.

I’ll be sure to let you know if i’m down in your neck of the woods anytime soon.

Thanks for reaching out.