[Tutorial] ZenCash Messaging - Sending Encrypted Messages on the Blockchain w/ Zen

Hey everyone I put together a tutorial video guide on how to utilize the messaging component of the ZenCash Swing Wallet. It’s very cool to see ZenCash delivering on all of their promises and working steadily towards their goals from secure nodes to encrypted messaging. Anyway here’s my guide showing how easy it is to send these private encrypted messages on the blockchain w/ Zen!


love it @VoskCoin great topic, thanks for the continued support!

A good tutorial indeed…

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Hey one thing or rather a question?

Do I really need to send a contact file for transmission?
I dont want to exchange any file with someone I dont know.

Why is it not possible to generate a transmission key or contact over the secret adress`?

yes in order for you to initiate a convo, you must share your contact file…that’s entirely your choice with whom to share. When you’re simply joining another convo shared with you, you just need their contact file, though they’ll be able to see yours once you’ve joined the convo. Def will be improving as we go forward, suggestions welcome!