Trapped funds in an exchange

I deposited some funds in bittrex about three yrs ago and never have been able to get it because I could not get verified and their verification process is crazy. I got frustrated. Is there any other exchanges used by our great project and less frustrating unlike bittrex that one could use? Suggestions pls, will be appreciated… Let’s rock and roll this project!

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You should try to contact to get your funds back

I think Binance does not requires verification but has some daily limit I think.

Here is the list of all exchanges:

But yes good question!

I will try to investigate this and I will return with more details. Meanwhile, maybe someone else from the community can share his experience.

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i agree with @MedaR …it’s unlikely Bittrex wouldn’t have a way for you to get your own funds out; it’s more likely they have restricted withdrawal limits for unverified accounts. That said, I’m just guessing :slight_smile:

Regardless, yes, let’s rock and roll this project!