Trading Zen - 3 pairs is gaining me Zen

I’m new to Zen and the space.
But I’ve been doing really well so far with this type of 3 pair trading.

It is the Zen/BNB that gives that most profit recently as BTC dominance declines, BNB is giving a bigger margin of stretch versus USD.
Sell to the highest buy to the lowest between the 3.

Here is a small trade example last night.
It gained 2 Zens.
From 17.0 Zen to 19.5 Zen.

1st. Picture - acquiring Zen with BTC.

2nd. Picture - choosing which pair to sell Zen.
I chose to sell to BNB even with the lesser percentage of gain (8.12 % rather than 11.01%) bec the market is losing BTC dominance, BNB can stretch higher against BTC.

3rd. Picture - gained from 17.0 Zen to 19.5 Zen in a few hours.

Bec if you only rely on one pair, for example Zen and BTC only, you will be stuck in that pair’s gain.

I’m not much of a gambler. I’m also a new trader in crypto, just a few years.

I’ve been a trader though using my stocks from dialysis companies I work for, that’s bec we have the employee discounts which would be comparable to Node gains here with Zen.

just sharing!

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cross-pair or cross-exchange arb like this is great for our liquidity, appreciate someone taking advantage!