To answer most of the community questions


Hello there every one,

I am Ghost the mining pool operator at

On the slack community of ZenCash I have spotted the same question all over the place for the past few days. People asked also directly “Why do you believe in ZEN Despite the market?” I will try to answer this at best as possible with this forum post.

I have seen allot of people getting disappointed in a coin over time and there is only one thing that makes them think that. That is way too high expectation for a very short term and it’s something that will always run your self up into a wall. The sole reason for a coin it’s success is not just having people to hold the coin or having dump group’s mining & dumping the coin as much they would like. Through an extend it is not just believing in the coin for becoming a success over time.

There are several main parts of a coin that makes it a success and it’s not about the market or value of it. This whole success is underneath the technology and dedication of the developers and community. And by reading this forum post you’re already taking part of it as we speak.

The reason that does not tell if a coin is a fail or not:

  • High volume market,
  • High price of the coin,
  • Huge amount of profits,

The real reason of a success of a coin is actually:

  • The developers that keep the project going,
  • The people that are thinking out of the box,
  • Support from the community and not just a 3rd party,
  • The will and support from everyone involved (Yes you who’s reading this too!)

A brief history about ZenCash:
ZenCash had a delayed launch which happened due an error within the code. Because this issue had to be resolved it was postponed for 7 days. A several days after the launch a developer (Mocrvx) has gone rogue and attempts to terror ZenCash. Mocrvx has released an exploit (vector) to terror on the ZenCash network (Replay Attacks, Vectors and exploiting the network). The current ZenCash team and developers have moved beyond this point and are restoring allot of the damage that Mocrvx has done over time. At the current state people are still in question ‘Why should we still believe in ZEN?’.

The actual reason I personally believe in ZenCash is not what is behind us, it is the road that is ahead of us. Personally no one knows what has to bring us in the future and no one knows what will be brought along that. But here are a several facts that you as an individual can look up your own and have a deep thought about it.

What I have seen on their official github ( is that there has been allot of work done in security. But also what I have noticed from their github is that they are completely inspecting the code by literally go line by line and see what should be fixed. This literally told me that they are entirely rewriting most parts of the codebase. This tells me there is a huge amount of work and dedication being done for an open source project. Because I’ve spotted this on Github it already told me there is allot of love and care given for ZenCash which directly affects the community.

It just does not end here for a completely revised code of ZenCash and it goes way beyond that. As far for the most people of you are already aware is that there is allot of bonus to it and people are volunteering for it like it’s more than a simple day job.

On my end there has been spotted a few anomalies on the network itself and ZenCash Founders have dived straight on it after they got informed. They have informed me that this has been spotted but yet not confirmed it by any one else. There is a backing up theory on and regarding it also there are a ton of screenshots pointing out and backing up that theory. Yet this still requires a little time before there is proven evidence on it. More information regarding this I cannot tell for allot of reasons but there is no reason to distrust anyone on this till it’s proven correct.

So here are the current things that are happening right now as we speak and keep in mind that I could be wrong about some parts:

  • (Current) ZenCash team is growing,
  • New (security) features added to ZenCash,
  • Completely cleaned & revised code,
  • Secure Nodes heading our direction, (No ETA, should be released when it’s done and not over rushed.)
  • Security & preparation for new features, (Don’t know which but spotted a few!)

Why I personally think ZenCash Team is keeping allot of things silent for the outside world remains a question to all of us. But knowing the people working on it as far I’ve seen what has been happening I got a great feeling behind it. Knowing the team and characteristic way of informing there will be some thing coming our way with a nice bang.

Yours Faithfully,