The ZEN improved (soft fork) thread, June 13

ZEN will receive improvements and a soft fork at block 117575 (as announced by @Blockops on slack). Looking forward to it. The recent activity attracted quite a bit of support and attention – the involvment from Steven Nerayoff, Charles Hoskinson and IOHK are certainly propelling!

  • those mining right now: you can keep on mining (the pool op may take the pool offline temporarily to update the code, but your mining software should automatically retry connecting and get back on). Just keep an eye on your miners after the soft fork happens, to check you’re getting payments in from the pool.

  • those who already have zen wallets on bittrex, now it’s probably time to buy more zen :slight_smile:

  • those without wallets on bittrex right now, I expect the Zen team to post on their twitter and blog as soon as bittrex reopens wallets so you can get one and start trading, and hopefully still buy low :slight_smile:

  • those who are running a node, then you should update your node now (before the soft fork) by doing:

# stop any previously running node
src/zen-cli stop
# move your repo to the new official one and pull
git remote remove origin
git remote add origin
git pull origin master
git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master
# rebuild the node
zcutil/ -j$(nproc)
# restart the node
# or src/zend -daemon to background it

Good luck!

Maybe the title should change “relaunch” to mandatory software update. It is certainly not a relaunch and not even a hardfork. Just a softfork. Just worried it may cause confusion…

But “Relaunch” sounds so cool … a little hype won’t hurt :smiling_imp:. We can call it “Zen Wars: A new hype”