The new possibilty of Hardfork

Just to satisfy regulators, would it be possible to make all money transactions and KYC “transparent”? They just want to tax and they have too much power to enforce it.
The sidechains can all be private.

Just a thought.

Bec it is not too late while Horizen is still in the early stage.

The percentage division and structure of the miners and nodes are excellent part of the foundation. The max 21M zen supply is really good.
The Equihash miners can shift alliance to support Horizen if there is better market liquidity.

Just a thought.
Any comment?

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that’s a tough one, the way i can see things playing out would be moving privacy tech like SNARKs to sidechains. in this way, our mainchain would be little diff from a privacy perspective than bitcoin, and the ecosystem would actually have more freedom to dev diff types of privacy apps on SCs; e.g. we could have Sprout, Sapling, Cryptonote, Mimblewimble, and any other future privacy tech run on their own SCs. This is prob as close to being transparent as we’ll get, but our core would be little diff from the regulatory perspective than bitcoin, which seems to be gaining increasing acceptance.

Thanks for your response. I’m learning.

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I like idea moving SNARKs to sidechains. After all, we should try to adapt to new environment, not to swim upstream.

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A new block. A bridge for a better


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as do i. i prefer our platform be general with all app logic in sidechains. many advantages to this architecture…

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Add in the Hardfork - Protecting Horizen price from pump and dump.

Right now there are 3 major players that can manipulate the price by means of wash trading and here they are.

  1. The Bitcoin Whales - they dont care about the project, they are too powerful to just wash trade and all to win Bitcoin as much as they can.

  2. Miners - as proven by Monero and Zcoin, mining algorithms only benefits the developers as they know ahead of time on how to take advantage of the new mining strategy so they can mine most of it - it does not protect the value of the coin from pump and dump.

  3. The Exchanges. They have enough Bitcoin to start a drama and wash trade.

Who can protect Horizen price?
= Secure and Supernodes.
At this point in time the new members are not hurt yet of the decline of price in the last few months and can stay for a little while.

What else can Horizen do to protect the price?

Add another type of node similar to “Energi”.
= Individual computers the can run a node in their homes. This strategy will attract new members bec this is super easy to do, just turn on their computers and wallets at home.

Maybe cut miners now to 55% and 10% goes to home computer nodes and add 5% to development of the project.

Just a suggestion.