Swing Wallet sending cash behaviour

Hi guys,
I am using the current Swing Wallet on Windows (0.75.8) and I experienced a strange behaviour while sending zencash from and to a T-address.

I wanted to send 0.67 zencash from the wallet which amount I also typed in to the wallet send cash form and confirmed.
After that the transaction took 1.33 cash out of my T-address, sent 0.67 to the target address and the rest of 1.33 (0.67) back to my wallet to a new T-address.

Is this normal behaviour? I don’t think so.

The problem is because the sending T-address is also my stake address for the secure node. So i had to fill up the stake to 42 zen again because the balance fell below 42 shortly after sending.

All right I got an answer on discord:

This is usual behaviour for all bitcoin variants - it’s called change (not at my computer so i can’t post the link).
The answer is to populate the stake address with 1 transaction of 42zen. Then you can safely remove any rewards as they come in.
See vaklinov’s link for bitcoin above.