Swing Wallet ideas

Hey ZenCash team. I’m new to the community, and am liking from what I am seeing in terms of getting the word out about ZenCash. Makes me think this project has a bright future.

So, I downloaded the Swing Wallet. I noticed some typos in the English text, so I forked the repo and started looking at the code. I was going to just fix the typos and do a pull request, but after looking at the code, it looks like it was written in “get it out the door” mode. I know the Arizen wallet is forthcoming, so I wanted to know what the roadmap is for the Swing wallet. Is it going to be deprecated any time soon? If not, I have some ideas for proposals that I want to run by you.

First thing, I’d like to externalize all the strings in the Swing wallet, and fix the typos. If nobody is working on this, I suggest as first priority, before any more features. It will make translation to other languages much easier for others. Chinese and Korean translations would be huge…

Let me know your thoughts.