Sphere by Horizen

Sphere by Horizen is a multifunctional app that allows people to take control of their privacy and finances. It is a launching point for most Horizen services.

Announcing video and blog post:

SBH Road Map

Improvements flow:

Official users guide - >



Following videos are result of cooperation with colleague of mine @CryptoManion and Zen-community .

1. This video is about how to download and to install Sphere and how to switch from light to full node wallet:

2. Second video shows you how to create wallet, and how to generate human readable seed which latter can be used for restoring of wallet. How you can fund your newly created address and how to send this amount and to check all this on Block explorer.

3, 4, Third and Fourth video go deeper, showing the use of Shielded transactions and difference between T and Z addresses. Manipulating with funds inside of your wallet and sending ZEN to others.

5. Probably Most anticipated and interesting video is about Messaging.

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I’ll be installing for the time this weekend. I hope this is not one of those wallets where it takes 12 hours to download.
When I downloaded Zcash’s full blockchain wallet it took me 12 hours, I finally got rid of it because for me, and I mean just for me, fiat paper was more convenient to deal with.
No offense, only honest opinion.

You could just do a bootstrap instead of syncing the whole blockchain from 0. Join the Discord channel to find out how.

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I might give it a chance to download it, will see how it works, it may be worth it. thank you!

We are working currently on “how to bootstrap your SBH wallet” video…I will post it here as soon as it is published.
Those videos can be handy especially for new users.


How To Speed Up Sync Of SBH?

This is how to bootstrap your SBH wallet instruction

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Using of Balance Sweep

This feature is an answer for all who wants to import balances from private keys into SBH.
This is not importing of private keys!

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Be Sure Your SBH is Legit

In the light of many scam attempt in channels, this video is must watch.
If you are not Tech savvy or newbie this is perfect start!
Be sure you are using legit software and avoid risks to be scammed, or losing funds.

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