Sphere by Horizen (Beta) is Here!


Sphere by Horizen (Beta) is Here!

Horizen’s Initial Open Beta Release Includes:

* A wallet component for full client, lite client, web, paper
     - It is deterministic and can be restored using a seed phrase
* Runs on desktop
* Secure messaging component
* Ability to run a full node

Moving from full wallet to arizen

Sphere By Horizen Roadmap 2019

We have two upgrades scheduled for Q1.

  • Our first upgrade will tackle a command line user console, ledger seed phrase restore, and bug fixes.
  • Our second update will focus on ease of use for our community and our node operators. The update will include some awesome UI improvements, messaging system speed improvements, transaction history with historical prices, as well as additional minor improvements.
    For our node operators, the update will incorporate batch withdrawal and batch split, and node monitoring.

The top requested features we will tackle for the remainder of the year include:

  • A Mobile Version (iOS and Android)
  • Human Readable Addresses
  • Bitcoin Support
  • Multisig Support
  • and many more…