Simple way to secure Swing Wallet


I notice that Swing Wallet is unsecure being that wallet.bat is stored in a part of the system that could easily be accessed by a hacker or anyone with access to the computer.

My workaround is just to cut and paste wallet.bat out of that unsafe location into a secure location (could be an external folder, encrypted partition or other secure backup location, flash drive). As long as you have multiple backups of wallet.bat in a safe place everything is backed up right?

If after removing your wallet.bat file you then open Swing, it just puts in a fresh wallet.bat which is useless to anyone wanting to steal your Zen.

When you want to use your wallet again just paste back in the cold stored wallet.bat, use it again and then move it back out.

Seems to work for me, just thought it was a useful workaround. I originally began doing this with Outlook many years ago, where I store my Outlook data file in an encrypted folder that when unmapped, won’t let Outlook open because as far as the system can see the place Outlook is looking for the data file doesn’t exist, and the encryption is bulletproof and the encrypted folders can be backed up and and stored safely, away from a computer or internet.

It would be great if Swing Wallet had an option to open wallet.bat from another location, but this manual workaround seems to work just fine.

I have yet to try it but I assume if I took my wallet.bat to a new installation of Swing on another machine and just overwrote the newly installed wallet.bat, I would have my wallets on that new machine.

So really, all you need is a couple of encrypted flash drives and know how to copy and paste and you have a cold storage system with Swing Wallet as its interface.

No idea if this is helpful or interesting to anyone but thought it worth sharing.

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