Shielded address is visible?


I feel dumb for asking this, like I must be missing something patently obvious, but anyway…

I’ve been sending zen from a z address to another z address (from coinomi to arizen). I then go to another computer and use the block explorer, and I can see the balance. I thought the balance for z addresses was meant to be hidden?


Hi @tenzen,

are you sure you sent ZEN from Z address (from Coinomi Wallet) to Z address (Arizen Wallet)? The Z address is very long, my Z address has 95 characters. If I send this transaction it’s impossible to see the balance neither the addresses in the explorer, as you can see in the picture below.

Let me know if it helped you or not.

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Hmm, I see. They look like normal addresses at 35 characters… but they do start with “zn”


As a noob to zencash I’m confused, why are they called “t” addresses if they start with “z”?


You’re a very curios guy, it’s cool! No worries, everybody was a noob at the beginning of meeting with this field.

T-addresses are also known as Transparent addresses. They are publicly visible in the blockchain. You can see the balance, origin and destination address etc. See pic below and compare it to picture which I posted before.

Z-addresses uses zero-knowledge proofs system to shield the transaction and balance privacy.


Unshielded addresses are referred to as “t addresses” as a hold over from Zcash/ZClassic. In those coins the unshielded address starts with a “t” and the shielded address starts with a “z”.

The Zencash team changed this. Unshielded addresses in Zencash start with a “zn” and not a “t”. This is to signify they are a Zencash address instead of mistaking them with a Zcash/ZClassic address. That way people don’t send coins to the wrong blockchain.

Shielded addresses, as @Kamila stated, are really long addresses (95 characters.) They start with “zc” instead of “zn”.


Thank you @fittsy :kissing_heart::+1: As usually you’re amazing!


Excellent, thank you.

If ZenCash has it it’s eye on mass adoption, then I think terminology like this (T’s and Z’s), needs to be avoided, if nothing else, because it no longer applies to this chain. Let’s just stick to “transparent” and “shielded”; it’s longer but clearer.