Sending dust payments off Leger


I’ve been running a secure node and now have dozens of inputs I’m trying to send to another address. However, it takes me 3 hours (literally) to send even a small transaction of 4 inputs. I understand that this is due to hardware limitations on the ledger. How can I safely transfer my ZenCash to another address? I expect it will require something like downloading a desktop wallet and inputing my 24 word seed, but I am not sure if there is a better method.


Hi Aussie,
Great to see another Aussie on here, and apologies if I am assuming incorrectly that you are Australian.

When I first setup my Ledger for testing I was running 12 nodes from it, and I found that sending the rewards, just one weeks worth, took 2 hours 36 minutes on my macbook air 2011 with 4 GB of RAM.

I found this unacceptable and when I used my high spec gaming pc (Intel Core i7-6850K 2011v3 CPU (6c/12thread), 64 GB RAM, and Samsung m2 SSD) it was able to complete the sending of the transaction in just over 15 mins. I now have 16 nodes running from the ledger and takes about 25 mins each week to send the rewards away.

What I have found is that the bottle neck is not the ledger itself, but more so the memory and CPU resources available to you. I also found that after each tx that is sent I needed to close the Chrome and the Ledger Bitcoin wallet and reopen them otherwise the system resources are not released and my transmission times were increased over an hour again.

What I might suggest, is if you have a higher spec system you can send your rewards from might help, or you can use the BIP39 tool (On an offline computer) and configure it with the derivation path of your ledger account, and generate the private keys for the addresses on your ledger. You can then import these private keys into either Arizen or Swing