Securenode Question

I am setting up the secure node but kind of confuse for the different address for the securenode and swing wallet.
Three address t_addr, z_addr and stacking addr. From the instruction, I need to put the “42 zen in the stacking address”, where is the stacking address? In the swing wallet or in the securenode?
I run the command from securenode, “zen-cli z_listaddresseszen”, can I assure this is the z_addr? How about t_addr? What is the command to find my t_addr from securenode?

Hope you can help for clear this! Thanks!


Hi ChiensNode. Here’s my take on this.

The staking address is a T-address, most likely in a wallet you control, and has at least 42 Zen in it. You are STRONGLY advised NOT to have your staking Zencash on the node itself. That’s because if your node gets hacked someone can simply take your Zen.

Initially, “zen-cli z_listaddresses” should return nothing. When you run “zen-cli z_getnewaddress” it’ll create a new, private address on the node. You will then send 4 or 5 payments of 0.2 Zen to that address.

T addresses are those used normally for coin transactions - sending or receiving Zen. Note that the T address used for messaging should not also be used for staking purposes. Hope this helps.


THANK YOU, This for sure clear everything!

As far as I can tell, the t-address of the secure node appears to be used mainly as a node identifier, and should probably remain empty. It is created as the first address in a new wallet when zend is started with no wallet.dat. The staking t-address is a separate address, and should probably be kept in your main wallet (on a different machine). You can get the t-address for the node by simply omitting the z_ prefix, like this:

zen-cli listaddresses

if you wish to view your stacking address-
cat /home/$USER/nodetracker/config/config.json | grep stakeaddr