Securenode and Tor Relay


I’m wondering, is anyone else running a securenode and a tor relay on the same server?
What is your challenge time and your specs?
Did you set limits for the relay?
Since when is your relay running?

My relay on my secnode is limited to 30 MBits bandwidth and MaxMemInQueues 1024 MB.
I still get a challenge time of around 170-200 seconds on a hetzner CX11 with 1core, 2GB RAM and 3GB Swap. Tor’s atlas advertises it with around 3 MiB/s

If you’re not running a relay yet, why not try it out? Doesn’t cost you anything and you can even get a tor t-shirt if your relay runs for more than 2 months!

This might also be something to look into if you like Tor How to use ZenCash over Tor