Secure Node: sys down - blk out of sync



I’ve had a secure node for a while now and some weeks ago i started having troubles. First, I got mails reporting the node was down, and by the time I got to the Zen Tracker System, it was already up and the problem was flagged as a certificate problem. As it was only a few minutes every other day, I didn’t pay much attention to it.
Then one day (about three weeks ago) the node went offline. It said because the block height was out of sync. I checked it and it seemed like the node was no longer syncing the blocks. I read here on another thread that it might be due to lack of space, so I assigned a few Gbs more to the VPS and that didn’t work, so I reinstalled it from scratch.
Now the node still appears as offline, reporting no connection between node and server (I can ping to the server from the node and I get a reply in ~1ms), certificate valid and block height out of sync, but this time the block count is correct every time I check it.
I reinstalled it again, but I keep geting the same: cert valid, node down due to blocks out of sync.

Any and every assistance will be appreciated.


Hi @Necrobyte,

have you updated your zend?

Kind regards
Community Project Manager of ZenCash


Hi @Kamila,
zen-cli getinfo informs that the running version is 2001450. I understand that is the latest one.


Hello @Necrobyte,
Could you please check the disk usage by running
df -h

and post the output please